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Starting over 20 years ago as a runner at the CME group, the world’s largest and most diverse futures exchange, Larry Levin quickly climbed the ranks to become one of the most successful traders in the S&P 500 pit. At the height of his trading career, Larry averaged between 2500-3000 S&P contracts per day.

Drawing on his extensive experience and knowledge base, he wanted to share the secrets of his success with a larger audience, and he took time off from trading to write a comprehensive course…More About Larry Levin

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Do you feel that the centrally planned economy and the interventionist monetary policy of   the Federal Reserve are destroying our country’s financial future? Are you frustrated by Washington’s failure to regulate the big banks and the Wall Street insiders? Do see you a disconnect between the current stock market valuations and the actual state of economic affairs? Larry Levin does! Each day he provides a humorous, insightful take on the fiscal folly, market mayhem and political posturing. To read his daily dispatch, Visit Trade With Larry 

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Trading Advantage is a leading investment education firm that empowers traders to achieve and surpass their financial goals. More than 50,000 students have used Larry Levin’s proven techniques for powerful results. The winning combination of our cutting edge proprietary educational tools, our team of expert educators and our broad market coverage provide traders of all levels the opportunity to take control of their financial future.…Visit Trading Advantage


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Trading Advantage TV is a valuable resource for you on your daily quest to conquer the markets. From Alan Knuckman’s Morning Market Stir providing an early morning overview of the day’s trade to Scott Bauer’s option trade set-ups on the major financial networks, Trading Advantage TV lets you watch hundreds of hours of  relevant trading content all on one easy to navigate site…Visit Trading Advantage TV

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Looking for straight talk and advice in the crowded world of financial media? Trading Advantage Daily offers market strategies and trading techniques you can immediately add to your arsenal. Covering stocks, options, futures and ETFs, this site gives you a daily dose of can’t miss trading information …Visit Trading Advantage Daily